A zero waste app monetization strategy to boost your profit

Written by Raquel Ríos Dafonte - Marketing Specialist at Techsoulogy
Created May 24, 2023 - Updated Aug 01, 2023 | 3 min read
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User acquisition and monetization. These are the two major things all app and digital product developers obsess about. They do so as they work on various organic and advertising strategies to gain new users and make a profit from their advertising inventory.

To fulfill this need, Tappx has implemented a unique 100% profit rate solution based on a zero waste approach to get the most out of our cross-promotion community with more than a thousand apps. The idea is to over-perform the average incomes and fill the unfilled rate with cross-promotion.

The “profit booster sandwich” or how to make the most of your inventory’s app

App cross-promotion involves advertising one app within another. In a cross-promotion community, various developers cross or exchange advertising for their apps among each other completely free of cost. One ad in exchange for another without any budgets to get visibility and credits which may be redeemed for future promotions.

The “profit booster sandwich” involves applying two new layers in monetization strategies to get the most out of your app’s advertising inventory:

  1. A top layer allows you to increase your incremental revenue by establishing a CPM floor for the Tappx demand above your current stack of SSPs.
  2. And the cross-promotion layer at the bottom is there so you don’t waste absolutely any advertising space if you aren’t able to achieve the fill rate. In other words, a zero waste, futility, uselessness, wastefulness approach.

Let’s see how it works.

Suppose your app requests an ad from the SSPs. There will be an automatic real-time auction to fill that advertising space you wish to monetize. Imagine the auction process ends without any advertiser purchasing that advertising space for whatever reason. If you don’t participate in the “profit booster sandwich” strategy, you’d be wasting that advertising space on your app in such a case. Without any advertising to display, you lose money. However, if you use this strategy, then you don’t.

What the “profit booster sandwich” does is apply a cross-promotion layer at the monetization base when no advertiser returns an ad to fill your advertising space. Thus, that inventory is not wasted at all but rather, it’s filled with ads from the cross-promotion community. In other words, if you don’t have fill, you don’t earn any money, but you earn credits and the right to promote your app within the cross-promotion community in the future.

The profit booster sandwich is a Tappx's zero waste app monetization approach.

The profit booster sandwich is a Tappx’s zero waste app monetization approach.

This is a 100% profit approach that is also completely compatible with any monetization strategy you’re already using. There will never be any competition between the two. It will complement, boost and enhance your current strategy.



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The advantages. Why you must use cross-promotion to boost your app

If you still aren’t sure about why you should already be using cross-promotion and the application thereof within a Tappx “profit booster sandwich” strategy, here are some of the main advantages you should think about:

  1. It’s free: just like ASO and other organic strategies, cross-promotion allows you to save advertising promotion costs since it’s an ad exchange system on which you don’t spend a single dollar.
  2. There’s no waste: using this strategy is the only way to get the most out of unsold advertising inventory without wasting any space whatsoever.
  3. It’s compatible with any other monetization and user acquisition strategy: the “profit booster sandwich” never competes with your monetization partners and never forces you to reject any other ads. It works within a non-exclusive conditional strategy which is only triggered when the upper layers don’t return an ad.
  4. It allows access to quality advertising inventory for your ads: when you promote your app within others that are a part of the cross-promotion community, they access quality advertising spaces with similar users.
  5. It boosts the mix of promotion channels and scales user acquisition: using cross-promotion does not interfere with any other channels or promotion and user recruitment strategies. Rather, it does the complete opposite. What it does is boost the results, reaching more users with new free impressions to enhance the scope, encourage recall and increase the user acquisition ratio.

In short, it’s a real app monetization hack. It’s the zero waste approach you need to get the most out of each and every one of your advertising spaces. So, what are you waiting for? Join the Tappx cross-promotion community, exchange ads, and grow alongside other app developers completely for free.


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