Boost your revenues
with our record breaking
Parallel bidding technology

Get higher eCPMs with 100% brand unbiased auctions


Global Brand Solution

Take your monetization to the next level by getting access to high quality brand demand in any country you need.

Flexible Integration

Integrate seamlessly with our lightweight SDK or choose among oRTB, S2S, PreBid, MEDIATION or JS/VAST tags.

Infinite Demand

Tappx connects you to hundreds of different demand sources, all bidding on your traffic in real-time. Increase your eCPMs, fill rate and total revenue without any latency issues.

Success Stories

  • Timehop connected Tappx’ Premium Brand Demand with their Interstitial and Video format aiming to improve their scores based on CPM, Fill % and overall yield.

    “KPI that Timehop scores are based on CPM, Fill % and overall yield. Tappx has achieved our expectations.”

    David Leviev

    VP – Programmatic Product Development at Timehop

  • Mobilityware were looking to strengthen the Fill Rate KPI with brand demand compatible with an oRTB integration.

    “Tappx has been amongst our top 10 partners on average, fluctuating towards higher ranks towards end of month.”

    Sunaina Chaudhary

    Sr. Manager, Monetization & Sales Strategy

  • When Handcent came to Tappx they were looking for a demand partner who could fill their unsold traffic, maintaining high volumes regularly.

    “Tappx helps to continuously optimize our fill rate and has become one of our top partners.”

    Jun Lin


100% Brand

Get access to +2000 premium brand campaigns

Global demand

We cover +190 countries for Android, iOS, and Mobile Web

Dedicated AM

A multinational team with years of experience at your disposal. We breath optimization!

CPM floors

Set the CPM floors you want according to your objectives, per GEO and ad format

Let our proprietary Parallel
Bidding technology bring you
the highest CPMs!


What kind of demand do you have?

Tappx connects you with hundreds of different demand sources, which are DSPs, networks, Agencies and direct Advertisers. They all bid for your traffic at the same time thanks to our Parallel Bidding technology.

What’s the percentage split between branding and performance demand?

100% Brand ads. Tappx will send you only ads from high-quality brand advertisers.

What are your strongest countries?

Tappx has Global demand and serves ads in over 190 countries. You can set different CPM floors for each countries group matching your needs.

What ad formats do you run?

Tappx monetizes all the leading ad formats: Banner (320×50, Mrec (300×250), Interstitial (320×480), Video and Rewarded video.

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