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LaLiga is a world-renowned professional Spanish football league with millions of fans across the globe, making it a true entertainment powerhouse. LaLiga connects with its passionate audiences through a multitude of digital touchpoints, including a fantasy football app called LaLiga Fantasy MARCA 2020 Football Manager, available in the App Store and Google Play.

About LaLiga Fantasy Marca

It is the only official LaLiga football manager simulator. With real-time player scoring it manages to convey all the emotion of LaLiga game by game.

The challenge

The LaLiga Fantasy football app team came to the conclusion that their in-app advertising inventory was underutilised, therefore incurring revenue losses. They needed a solution to help them to maximise their app’s revenue potential whilst overcoming challenges such as scalability and management.

LaLiga enlisted the help of Tappx to plan, execute and manage a comprehensive monetisation strategy and to help reduce operational costs.

The solution

The LaLiga Fantasy Football app team was assigned a Tappx account management team, which consisted of a dedicated account manager, a product specialist and a solutions engineer.

Following an extensive pre-audit process, the account team presented additional insights, which enabled Tappx to deliver custom recommendations to optimise the account and importantly generate additional revenue.

As a final step LaLiga integrated the Tappx SDK to access new exclusive demand, without experiencing any technical difficulties.

The results

The LaLiga Fantasy Football app team trialled Tappx towards the end of the 2019-2020 football season. The success of the campaign resolved concerns about the new app monetisation strategy.

Despite challenging global economic conditions, LaLiga witnessed a 10% increase in total revenue and better operational efficiencies. The trial has established a closer relationship between Tappx and LaLiga, from which new opportunities are being planned for the future.


The Tappx LaLiga success team

Estefanía Kasianczuk
Estefanía Kasianczuk

Publisher Partnerships

David Lahoz
David Lahoz

Product Strategist

Rubén Arjona
Rubén Arjona

Lead Solution Engineer


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