Timehop success story

Success story: Timehop

“KPI that Timehop scores are based on CPM, Fill % and overall yield. Tappx has achieved our expectations”

David Leviev

VP – Programmatic Product Development

About Timehop

Timehop created the digital nostalgia category and continues to be the team reinventing reminiscing for the digital era. People have more “old” photos and content than ever before, yet most of the internet focuses on “new”. Timehop believes there is a massive untapped opportunity to build new ways of consuming, storytelling with, and finding meaning in our digital histories.

The challenge

Timehop is a social app that helps users celebrate the best moments of the past with their friends by showing memories from social media. KPIs that Timehop scores are based on CPM, Fill % and overall yield – their objective was to improve them all

The solution

Tappx connected its Premium Brand Demand with their Interstitial and Video formats, using an oRTB connection. Also made a customised technical development to improve data compatibility between the two companies.

The results

Tappx has been able to provide consistently high CPMs. Attentive optimization from Tappx’s Account Manager makes for a seamless collaboration


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