About GDPR

On the 25th of May the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, requiring EU users to express consent for their data to be used in order to show interest-based advertisements.

To comply with the law, you must implement a system that requests said consent from the user. Tappx has updated its privacy policy according to the new regulation and has updated its SDKs, adding the option to use its own Consent Management Platform (CMP) to obtain consent from the user, or in case the developer has integrated a CMP of his own, he can send us the information regarding the consent through some new parameters.

It is also mandatory that the user can revoke consent at any time. Tappx has added an icon (an “i” for information) that will be displayed in the ads (as long as our CMP is used) so that the user can change their preferences at any time by clicking on that option.

Integration guides updated to GDPR

The following integration guides have been updated to comply with the GDPR requirements, so if you are using previous versions, you should update to have the new GDPR features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does GDPR affect all users?

    No. Only those based in the EU.

  • What data is affected?

    GDPR affects data considered to be personally identifiable like IP address, device id, age, location, etc… of people using your app within the European Union.

  • No. You only need to request consent once but should give user’s the opportunity to change their consent preferences at any time.

  • Are companies outside the EU required to comply?

    Yes. Any company that processes personal data of people located in the European Economic Area (EEA – EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), including those that show online ads or monitor online activity, is within the scope of the GDPR, regardless of whether the company has a physical presence in the EEA or if it conducts direct business with any company in the EEA.

  • What happens if I do not update the SDK before the 25th of May?

    We know it’ll be very hard to update all your apps before the 25th. Therefore, we’ve implemented a provisional solution where requests coming from non-updated SDKs from EU users will be considered as not having the user’s consent. This measure will protect developers from legal repercussions until they implement the necessary changes. It is highly recommended you update as soon as possible to get more ads.

  • If the user does not consent, we will not collect personal data to send to potential advertisers, but they will continue to serve ads.

  • What is a CMP?

    A Consent Management Platform allows you to collect user consent and transmit this information to advertisers. To be GDPR compliant you must integrate one or implement your own, but you must request the user’s consent and also give them the option to change their consent at any time.

    In the Tappx SDK we have included our own CMP so that it can be used by developers.

  • In short, no. You can use a CMP to obtain the consent and pass that consent as a parameter to the SDKs (in case the SDK allows it, of course).

    In the case of our SDK you can use our own CMP or use another CMP and send us the consent through the parameters enabled for it.