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Tappx is an AdTech firm that offers innovative app monetization, user acquisition, and advertising solutions for mobile publishers, app developers and advertisers.

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Our story

We are explorers of technology and knowledge

In 2013, our founders Dani and Toni were developing an ecommerce app and thought there had to be a cheaper way of acquiring users for apps made by independent developers.

As there were no other solutions on the market, they decided to create their own cross promotion platform with the idea of helping the indie community of developers to grow their user base by exchanging ads between them completely free of charge.

They called it Tappx (meaning “tap exchange” – you know what I mean).

We strive to build a better ecosystem

Since then, we have been working on delivering solutions focused on achieving a more accessible, fairer and more transparent industry.

The first of them was the initial cross promotion platform for independent developers which barely had a budget. In little over a year, it became a powerful mobile SSP and, in five years, it exceeded more than 30,000 registered users.

An initiative to which others were later added, such as App-ads-txt.com to educate publishers and to help to adopt the IAB quality standards more quickly and simply.

We make courageous decisions

As Peter Drucker once said, “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision”. One of ours has been to create the “Quality First Framework” initiative in 2019 as part of our mission to build a better industry.

It is a program that determines and prioritizes a quality inventory to ensure that only trusted publishers are selected and guarantee that we always work with our own, direct and operated traffic.

Since it was launched, this good practice has demonstrated the effectiveness of prioritizing the future outlook of the company, prioritizing the long term goals over short term interests, up to the point of recording a sustained growth which reached +97% two years later.

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Nov 2013

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Nov 2021

May 2022

Nov 2022

Tappx founded.

4 employees.

Telefónica & Kibo come on board as investors.

Parallel bidding launch as an alternative to the obsolete cascading ad allocation method to ensure maximum profitability.

Spain’s 2nd fastest-growing startup by The Next Web TECH5.

€17M revenue milestone.

“Quality First Framework” launched to focus on quality and facing ad fraud in the programmatic industry.

Financial Times 2nd fastest-growing advertising company in Europe.

First company acquisition: PlayOnContent for monetization and distribution of audiovisual content.

50 employee milestone.

Mobile game brand acquisition: From the Bench.

Techsoulogy launch as a corporate brand to host the family of specialist firms.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to provide a technology and human service that guarantee all areas of the advertising industry throughout the world achieving their goals profitably, effectively and ethically.
We work hard every day to ensure that independent developers have an accessible way to capture users and grow their apps, so that publishers can monetize their activity without harming the user experience and so that advertisers can find a way to relate to their audiences while respecting their right to privacy.

Our vision is to place technology and the media at the service of the human condition to create an emerging digital environment that is more reflexive, inclusive, transparent, honest and that prioritizes human needs and the interests of society above everything else. It goes beyond the usefulness of consumption itself.

Our values

We’re fair

We care about all sides of programmatic ecosystem and equally, we care about each other. We believe that by treating everyone fairly and with respect, we can get the most efficient results and at the same time have a happy, motivated team.

We’re dedicated

We work hard for our own results, but we work harder for our clients. We enjoy building strong relationships with clients and partners and always make sure they get individualized and tailored solutions.

We’re honest

We don’t hide behind fancy words and technical jargon – we say things as they are, honestly and directly. Transparency in our solutions and trust in each other are our main priorities.

We’re courageous

We have enough determination and drive to do our best work, take risks, test and try again, to ensure that programmatic industry is thriving. No idea is too crazy, no dream is too big, no failure is too scary.

We’re team lovers

We love to share, help each other and to be an active part of the team. Whenever we’re stuck or a little lost, we know there will be someone willing to lend a hand. We grow together!

values tappx team

At Tappx we work hard on delivering results for our clients and we take ownership for everything we do. But we also laugh, chat, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

tapps team and team buildings

Our team

We brought together a fun bunch of sushi lovers, Slack addicts, plant parents, travel aficionados, multitaskers, hustlers, geeks, and musicians. We think we have a winning team!

Work with us

We work hard for our own results, but we work harder for our clients. We’re always ready to get our hands dirty, get things done, drive performance and help each other out.

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