Programmatic brand advertising

Powerful advertising technology & talented humans who know how to make the most of it.

Features and benefits

Direct ad inventory

Optimize your supply path and boost ROI with quality direct traffic worldwide.

Variety of segments and verticals

Find your audience from a wide range of long-tail and short-tail premium inventory.

Advanced targeting

Reach your ideal audience with advanced targeting capabilities.

Brand safety and transparency

Have confidence that your ads are served in trusted and safe environments.

Solutions for

Boost your ROI with quality direct traffic from top publishers.

Reach global audiences for your clients with quality brand-safe inventory.

Connect to cost-effective quality ad inventory with transparency and control.

We work with the most advanced technology and a human-first approach to all our solutions, while constantly exploring, learning, and improving. We never stand still.

We connect the dots between tactical automation and strategic decisions.

We solve issues quickly and efficiently.

We provide honest advice and contextual insights.

We like to have a chit-chat about the weather (because we’re human).


“We have a long-term relationship with Tappx, which is a testament to the trust and accountability we have built with their team”.

Mariano De Luca

Mariano De Luca

Seller Lead Italy, Spain & MENA – Magnite

“Tappx has fast become one of our top digital advertising partners. Incorporating its strategic testing and recommended optimizations we have quickly ramped up for long-term gains”.

Mi Lan

Mi Lan

Account Manager – Chartboost

“LoopMe’s partnership with Tappx has improved our connection performance and achieved excellent results against our KPIs. Our integration is reliable and ensures full transparency. The team are responsive and professional and always deliver to a high standard”.

Mariia Yenotova

Mariia Yenotova

Account Manager – LoopMe

“We have a long-term partnership with Tappx, which is a testament to the trust and accountability we have built with their team. They help us reach our targets, drive performance and solve any queries quickly and efficiently”.

Elena Oporto

Elena Oporto

Key Account Manager – Equativ (Smart)

“As a direct partner with Tappx we were able to optimize our supply path and reduce costs quickly and efficiently. They have high quality standards, which ensure reliability and transparency for their traffic”.

Santiago Bacariza Perez

Santiago Bacariza Perez

Senior Customer Success Manager – Pubmatic

Quality First Framework

Quality first. Always

Our “Quality First Framework” ensures we carefully curate our supply and connect you to the highest quality inventory from our direct publishers as well as Owned & Operated traffic.

The method:

  1. Proprietary anti-fraud technology and algorithms
  2. Third-party traffic audit
  3. Continuous surveillance
  4. Permanent blocking

They trust us

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