Control & QA

“Quality First Framework”

Tappx’s commitment to fighting ad fraud relies on a rigorous framework to ensure ad quality and is reflected in its leading position in the industry transparency rankings.

Proprietary technology

Proprietary pre and post-bid algorithms detect and block bots, spoofing and non brand-safe inventory.

Traffic audit

100% of inventory scanned by an MRC accredited third-party provider of fraud measurement solutions.

Continuous surveillance

Automated daily alerts when fraudulent inventory is detected.

Permanent blocking

Flagged inventory permanently blocked.

Education & Awareness

Sharing our expertise

Tappx collaborates with organizations such as IAB Spain or FaqFraud to share our knowledge and best practices on transparency and fraud prevention.


“Everything you should know about digital advertising fraud and you didn’t dare to ask” in Madrid at Desayunos Temáticos IAB Spain

“Everything you should know about digital advertising fraud and you didn’t dare to ask” in Barcelona at Desayunos Temáticos IAB Spain

@Tappx was talking about “Fighting fraud in apps” at Anatomía del Fraude Publicitario Digital ? Nov 27 at @TheValleyDBS in Barcelona with @FaqFraud & @mma_spain


The front line of industry initiatives

We develop innovative solutions that lead the industry in the right direction.

Free hosting for app-ads.txt files is an initiative developed by Tappx to educate app publishers and drive faster adoption of the IAB’s initiative.


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