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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Tappx is an AdTech company specializing in advertising solutions for mobile devices. Our programmatic SSP brings user acquisition and monetization into one powerful platform. 

    We help app developers grow their user base, publishers maximize their revenues, and advertisers boost their advertising ROI.

    Yes! Our monetization and cross-promotion platform is completely free to use.

    We make our cross-promotion platform sustainable by monetizing 15% of the traffic. The remaining 85% are exchanged between the community for free. 

    If you use Tappx for monetization, we will take a small % revenue share.

    It is quick and simple to get started with Tappx:

    • Register with your contact details and your app’s bundle ID/URL.
    • Integrate our SDK. You can find detailed instructions on how to do it here:
    • Publish your app in the app store.

    That’s it! You can now use your dashboard to create campaigns for cross-promotion and/or start monetizing.

    In monetization, Tappx supports iOS, Android, mobile web, desktop, and CTV. In cross-promotion – iOS and Android apps. Depending on your operating system, you must integrate an appropriate SDK code. For more information, refer to our integration guides:

    For cross-promotion and monetization, you will need to integrate our SDK. Please refer to our integration guides

    For information on integrating through other methods than the SDK, please get in touch with our team.

    In monetization, Tappx operates on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. 

    However, our performance service works with any other buying model (CPC, CPI, CPA).

    Yes, Tappx is compatible with Admob, Mopub, AdManager (DFP), IronSource and Applovin. To integrate with a mediation tool, follow instructions in our integration guides:

    In cross-promotion we support traditional banners (320×50 and 300×50) and interstitials (320×480, 480×320, 768×1024 and 1024×768).

    In monetization you can choose between traditional banners (320×50 and 300×50), MREC (300×250), interstitials (320×480, 480×320, 768×1024 and 1024×768), video (out-stream and in-stream) and rewarded video. 

    Performance services work with various more formats, please get in touch for more details.

    If you already have a display or video network, it does not prevent you from joining Tappx for either user acquisition or monetization purposes. We are completely compatible with other ad networks and mediation tools.

    Tappx follows strict Net 60 payment terms. This means that for the current month’s activity you will get paid within 60 days from the end of the month. For example, for the money earned during the month of January, the payment will be made by the 31st of March. 

    You can choose between two payment methods: bank transfer or PayPal. 

    Our minimum payment threshold is 50$. If your earnings for the current month are below the threshold, the payment amount will be added to the following month’s invoice. 

    Your invoices, payment status, and payment method can be found in the Billing area of your dashboard. 

    Payment terms are different for Performance services, please get in touch for more information.


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