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Promote your app and acquire users for free through the only community-based cross-promotion solution on the market.

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Maximize your advertising revenue with 100% brand campaigns and increase your eCPMs with a convenient self-serve monetization platform.

We work with the most advanced technology and a human-first approach to all our solutions, while constantly exploring, learning, and improving. We never stand still.

We believe in fair opportunities for all sides of advertising ecosystem.

We strive to create a safer and more inclusive media industry.

We’re transparent, authentic and honest in our communications.

We care about user experience and privacy compliance.


“Gameloft has a full OpenRTB stack that we are always looking to connect great demand to. Tappx has proven to provide great demand, awesome support, and just the right optimizations we were looking for in terms of having in a good, clean managed OpenRTB partner. They quickly ramped up and are now consistently in the top 3 of our demand partners”.

George Iosif

George Iosif

Programmatic Operations Manager – Gameloft

“Within 24 hours after a challenging situation with a known bank, Tappx sent out a communication to ensure our payments will not be impacted giving me one less thing to worry about. Very appreciated for it”.

Adam Sadur

Adam Sadur

Programmatic & AdTech Leader – SmartNews

“Tappx has been a consistent demand partner for us for both overall monthly dollar volume as well as eCPM. We look forward to continue to build our relationship”.

Ed Arrandale

Ed Arrandale

Head of Programmatic – WeatherBug

“Tappx’s flexible integrations allowed us to quickly increase our ad revenues on iOS and Android”.

David de Ridder

David de Ridder

VP Consumer Mobile – Talkatone

“Tappx is one of our preferred partners when it comes to monetizing our apps and games. The personal relationship and easy dialogue with them helps to provide a great knowledge about our inventory and to achieve a highly profitability of our mobile traffic”.

Pedro Nunes

Pedro Nunes

Marketing Director – AppGeneration

“It’s easy to work with Tappx. We maintain a good relationship, the contact is easy and prompt, monetization is easy to manage, and most of it, metrics (Fill rate, CPMS) are great and revenues are increasing compared with before”.

Łukasz Koguc

Łukasz Koguc

Founder – KogCreations

“Since we started working with Tappx, we have received support and help form their very professional and attentive team who helped us to improve the monetizaiton of our app and achieve much better results than we had before”.

Javier Marín

Javier Marín

Tech Director – Biwenger

“Thanks to Tappx, we increased the fill rate of our inventory significantly. We truly value the close relationship with their team and personalized service they provide, so we can continuously improve our performance”.

Raquel Utanda

Raquel Utanda

Head of RTB & Programmatic – Adevinta

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