David Cremades: “The upcoming goal of AI in gaming should be simulate users with a more realistic behaviour”

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Created Jun 19, 2023 - Updated Jul 28, 2023

It is always a pleasure to talk to a colleague about current trends and future challenges in the gaming industry. Especially in times of uncertainty and change like the present. On the occasion of his participation as a speaker in GamesForum Hamburg, we spoke with our teammate David Creamades, CEO at Taproom

Hi David, how long has it been since the last Slack message with you 5 minutes ago… 😂 How are you doing?

Hahaha, I’m still doing good… even better now that I’m doing this interview… 

What are you going to talk about at GamesForum Hamburg? Can you give us a spoiler?

In a nutshell, we will be talking about how different companies are leveraging the power of a brand to release successful gaming titles. 

“Bringing Brands into your Game” is the title of the panel you are participating in and Taproom has a lot to say about it. To what extent has the launch of Techsoulogy contributed to this?

Being part of a group of companies like Techsoulogy has meant a lot to us. There are a lot of synergies among all the employees of all companies. But not only in the tech area but also with marketing, people, finance or even doing new creatives. Thanks to all this support, we have been able to keep on growing and one clear proof of this is the signing of a new agreement with a worldwide known sport IP. 

Not only brand recognition but also creativity are key in the user acquisition strategy of Taproom games, right?

Absolutely. If you are not creative you will be paying much more for the same users. We have always struggled with new ways of getting users. 

Speaking of user acquisition, as the responsible for this strategy at Taproom, can you give us the three most important tips you apply?

  • Test
  • Measure
  • Test 😂


Everything you need to know about Native Ads

Assuming formats are one of them, which alternative format is your favorite and why?

It is not my favorite but one of the formats that have surprised me lately is the offerwalls. Getting users for your game and only paying for those who reach a certain level within the game could be quite positive.

Offerwal is one of the most intersting ad formats. You only pay for the users who reach a certain level.

What is a successful game for you?

I guess that each person would say it in a different way, but in the end, for all of us, a successful game is the one that is profitable, and therefore, you can scale it. It does not matter the theme, the quality of the graphics, or even the retention. 

Is retention your worst nightmare?

Noooo, if we are only talking about business, the formula CPI < LTV is definitely my nightmare. Retention could be key to achieving it, but what does it matter if your game has a low retention rate but it is profitable?

What are you at Taproom most excited to work on this 2023 and next 2024?

We are about to scale a new bingo game in the upcoming weeks… We have signed a partnership with an important sport IP to launch together 2 different titles before September… Is it not enough to be excited?

Do you already use Artificial Intelligence for some processes? What do you think could be its greatest contribution to the gaming industry?

We feel quite confident that it will be a key part of the industry in the future. There are already some fields in which AI is present like App Store Optimization or character generation. However, it will take some time to adopt all this new technology in the day-to-day processes.

It is undeniable that AI is here to stay. It is time to learn, test, investigate, and step by step, take advantage of the full potential of this amazing technology. For us, one of the upcoming goals of AI is to replace the classic algorithm when we simulate users in the games to get a more realistic behavior.

Last but not least, what do you expect to learn from industry events like GamesForum?

Attending this kind of events is always a great opportunity to learn what all the companies are doing lately, but not only with Ad Networks, it is a great opportunity to talk to different publishers to learn more about what’s working for them and what’s not. 

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