Ksenia Yurkina: “Data is what helps make the right decisions for mobile apps”

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Created Jun 13, 2023 - Updated Jul 31, 2023

How important is creativity in attracting, engaging, and retaining app users? Can AI help generate creative ads faster and more effectively? Is it so expensive that only a few can afford the luxury of creativity? We’ve talked about all this and much more with Ksenia Yurkina. She is Head of Marketing at Apptica, a mobile ad intelligence and market analytics tool that provides accurate data on mobile apps. She also moderates The GamesForum Creative Panel: Ideation to Problematic at GamesForum Hamburg 2023

Tough question to start with, isn’t it? So that’s the first question AI suggested to start this interview with you. Is it proven that there always has to be a human judgment behind an AI tool?

If we are talking about the questions for the interview, it’s better to have mercy on me and put a person behind it. 😂 All joking aside, AI and human judgment co-exist in a hybrid mode. Luckily for us, humans can make decisions that AI cannot; manual analysis and critical thinking are still a must in many fields of our industry (especially with a contextual approach).

We can start again with something softer. Are you excited about GamesForum Hamburg?

Sure, it will be my second time at GamesForum and first time in Hamburg. I am looking forward to meeting our partners and building new connections.

How did you prepare this panel with creative experts in mobile marketing? I imagine it was quite a challenge…

It wasn’t that challenging actually. First, we put with Josh some relevant questions that might be interesting for the speakers and the audience to dive into. From my side, I tried to collect the questions I saw in the papers or discussed already with the partners during our Podcast recordings, roughly speaking, something that ignites debates in our industry. As a next step, we looked through the points with our speakers, and set priorities. In fact, the preparation process is still on, we are in touch in a secret Slack channel, refining the panel. 

What lessons do you expect to learn?

If we are talking about the panel I will be moderating, I am quite excited about unveiling some parts of UA strategies of Sunday and Lessmore; learning data behind winning creatives, and specifics of ad networks from Kayzen and Smadex. In general, I expect a lot of insights into the current state of the gaming industry from both UA and Monetization angles, more details about the trends, and, as a result, inspiration for our marketing projects at Apptica.

In your personal opinion, what is creativity? Can creativity be measured?

For me, it’s an ability to develop a top-notch product/creativity while taking risks and experimenting. It’s hard to apply any formulas, as the term itself is quite vague. Most advertisers measure creativity by KPIs they set depending on the context and goals.


Unlocking the power of ad performance with real-time reporting and analytics

At Apptica you are experts in data on mobile apps. If you had to summarize the importance of data in one word, what would you say?

I will trick you here upon permission and put 2 words: accurate decision.

Your company manages a lot of data and valuable insights for the industry. Could you share with us any curious learning that has particularly caught your attention?

While compiling the reports I am always astonished by the numbers the gaming industry is operating. Only in Q1 2023, we caught 4,1 mln creatives in the gaming category both on AppStore and Google Play from 26K advertisers (gaming apps). 

For the same time period, revenue (IAP) is 9,8B USD and downloads are 15B, which is 51% of total revenue and 30% of total downloads. Numbers are huge.

BTW, we have recently released a new report on puzzle games with various key takeaways. Feel free to check.

Is it okay to “copy”? In the sense of being inspired by the ideas of others? Don’t you think that everything has already been invented?

It is okay as long as you achieve your targets. 😉 In fact, we see that many advertisers (even with midcore titles) borrow some hypercasual mechanics to boost their ad campaigns. You do not need to reinvent the wheel here, just adjust a proven option and save your time and budget. Nowadays, when the CPI keeps growing, it is a wise strategy

I am sure there are plenty of ideas to dig into. For E.g. who could have thought that “save the dog” mechanic would be that popular? Therefore, we will definitely see new “trendy” mechanics in the upcoming future. 

Going back to Artificial Intelligence, how can we use it in an efficient way to improve our work?

I believe that AI may enhance our industry, and there are already many hybrid solutions in the arsenal of digital agencies and other service providers that help to generate new ideas and approaches, as a consequence, provide better results. For E.g. AppFollow uses AI to generate specific templates for review management and AppAgent uses Midjourney, ChatGPT, and DALL-E 2 to improve ad creative ideation. 

And what about privacy issues? Is there still a lot to be done here?

More restrictions in regard to data privacy are coming. We already have TCF v.2 for Europe, LGPD for Brazil, CCPA for California, SKAN 4.0, a project of Privacy Sandbox, and many more.  We still don’t know how the ad networks and MMPs will adopt the new features, however, the sooner you dig into new regulations, the more advantages you will have as early adopters.  

And the most creative formats? Is video still king?

Based on our data (all categories, Q1, 2023), videos take the largest share (58% Android vs 64,9 iOS), followed by images (40,8% Android vs 31,6 iOS) and playables (1,2% Android vs 3,5 iOS). But these numbers do not mean that videos are the kings performance-wise. In fact, playables demonstrate a better impression rate and usually take the first positions in our “the most shared section”.

We’d like to end this interview creatively, so how about we start over? No, don’t worry. We was just kidding. 😂 Have fun at GamesForum!

Thank you! Looking forward to meeting Tappx in Hamburg! 

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