Sidra Sattar: “AI will bring change, but 5G rollout will reach consumers even faster”

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Created Jun 14, 2023 - Updated Jul 28, 2023

In this interview, we talk to Sidra Sattar, Senior Marketing Manager at InnoGames. She has over a decade of experience in media planning and marketing strategies for global brands industries as diverse as healthcare, travel, fashion, and, now, video games. Sidra will be participating as a speaker in the User Acquisition Panel in GamesForum Hamburg and this is what we discussed ahead of the event. 

Hi, Sidra, how are you doing with the GamesForum panel?

Doing great, looking forward to speaking and meeting my fellow marketers in the space. 

Anticipating everything that will be discussed at the event, what do you think is the most important challenge in User Acquisition today?

I believe the challenge in UA is and always will be the ability to launch campaigns efficiently and effectively in any economy, season, and/or tentpole event. Our goals at UA are always aggressive, thus we are constantly learning and adapting. With the launch of AI and the ever changing privacy space, we are constantly learning and evolving our campaigns to ensure our ‘cost pers’ still remains strong. 

And the greatest opportunity?

The greatest opportunity I always say is the next opportunity. In the UA space, or even the marketing space, it is a constant trial and error. There is no marketer that can predict the outcome of the next opportunity without a proper test in place. 

Considering the constant evolution of the market and the changing habits of users, what do you think is essential when launching a new game?

You have to know your consumer – the likes, habits; particularly consumption habits, turn-offs, etc. The more you know your archetype key consumer, the stronger of a marketer you can become to ensure you are delivering a product to that individual that will truly resonate with it. This, of course, goes beyond gaming

The more you know your key consumer archetype, the stronger the game will resonate. 

InnoGmes is a leading mobile and browser game development company in Germany with 10 games in its portfolio and dynamics focused mainly on adventure, building strategies, simulation, and exploration. What would you say is the core to its success?

At our core and ethos at InnoGames we are very data focused. We do not shy from testing but we are very rigorous when it comes to data analysis. The more data and metrics we have and see, the more informed we are as marketers in making decisions. 

Do you think the gaming market is already too saturated or do you see room for growth, innovation, and new competitors?

This might be my American roots coming through, but I think there is never enough and the sky is the limit when it comes to the gaming marketplace. Consumption habits of gaming audiences are ever-shifting as are interests. There are so many outside and internal factors that allow for the market to continuously grow. That’s not to say that every game or company is going to be an overnight success, but it should not deter anyone from coming into the space to create a product that will be played and enjoyed by the masses. 


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Tomorrow’s gamers will be very much different from today’s gamers?

It’s hard to say, but I would say. We see different patterns from Boomers, to Gen X and then from Gen X to Millennials. Millennials and Gen Z will also have their differences but some overlap as well. Overall consumption habits with the introduction of AI and other social consumption will create more drastic shifts from generations in my opinion. 

You have extensive experience in media planning and marketing in diverse sectors such as healthcare, travel, and fashion. What do you think is unique about the gaming sector?

There is an added twist of quirky creativity in the world of gaming. This uniqueness allows for out of the box thinking alongside nimbleness. My time in gaming is definitely allowing me to become a more innovative marketer.

As an expert also in new media and CTV, could you tell us the main keys to success in CTV advertising?

That’s a tough question as CTV is still so new. I would say as it is for any channel in marketing, the key is testing and learning. But you can only learn when you have tracking and attribution available to you. Although this space is growing for CTV, it still needs more time to establish tracking and attribution for itself. Only then can marketers, particularly UA marketers, can determine what value CTV brings to their purchase funnel.

What do you find most interesting about today’s digital media landscape and why artificial intelligence? 😅

Haha, AI is the newest and as a marketer, I do tend to gravitate towards the shiny new trends. That said, I do think AI will have an impact but it’s hard for me or any marketer to currently say what that impact will be. It’s just too new and we as an industry still have to determine where it can be most useful and if we have the right infrastructure for it. Time will tell for AI but I don’t think we should forget about the 5G roll outs in markets. That means we can reach our consumers even faster and more often, this too will lead to more and more media consumption habit shifts. 

Perhaps we should also add data to the previous question. What would AI be without data, right?

Data and data privacy are major topics of discussion in all major markets and by all advertisers regardless of sector. With AI and data discussions ongoing, it will certainly be a space to watch how we navigate through the developments. 

Enjoy GamesForum, Sidra. By the way, what would be the best feedback you would expect to receive from your intervention in the panel?

I would say, do come and join to hear from your fellow UA marketers about what pain points we all share but also perhaps to hear of any best practices that we may be able to offer. Do come say hi. 🙂

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