Adevinta reaches strong fill rates by collaborating with Tappx

Adevinta is a global online classifieds specialist, operating in 16 countries. Tappx is helping Adevinta monetize its mobile inventory in Spain for brands such as Fotocasa, Infojobs,,, and Milanuncios.


Adevinta’s main objective was to obtain more fill rate for their Spanish in-app advertising. They were looking for a partner who would be able to provide them with quality ads at competitive CPMs. Tappx was the perfect match.


As Adevinta is using the Prebid technology, they integrated Tappx as a direct bidder. They also implemented the recommended app-ads.txt lines to get access to all of Tappx’s premium demand. This setup was crucial in obtaining optimal results.
Next, Tappx was very proactive in proposing optimizations to the set strategy, which the Adevinta team promptly implemented. This close collaboration made it possible to find the perfect setup and ramp up results very quickly.


By numbers


Avg. Fill Rate


Within a couple of weeks, the collaboration resulted in significant uplift, as Adevinta was able to reach a stable average fill rate of 15%, with some of their apps reaching up to 50%.
As a result, Tappx quickly became one of the Top 3 demand partners for Adevinta.
Due to the success of in-app monetization, we continue working closely with Adevinta’s team to expand the partnership to desktop and mobile web ad formats as well.

“Thanks to Tappx, we increased the fill rate of our inventory significantly. We truly value the close relationship with their team and the personalized service they provide, so we can continuously improve our performance”.

Head of RTB & Programmatic – Adevinta

Raquel Utanda

About Adevinta

Adevinta began its journey as a global online classifieds specialist company in 2019, operating digital marketplaces in 12 countries. With brands in leading market positions, Adevinta runs a business model at the centre of the second-hand economy.

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