Handcent triples fill rates thanks to Tappx traffic

Handcent is an enhanced messaging application, that allows its users to customize the look and feel of the design, improving their experience.


When Handcent came to Tappx they were looking for a demand partner who could fill their unsold traffic, maintaining high volumes regularly.


Tappx connected its premium brand demand with their display (mrec and banner) formats through mediation. Thanks to close collaboration between
Handcent and Tappx Account Manager, a very detailed optimization process was set up, that resulted in a triple increase in fill rate.


By numbers


Fill Rate


Tappx and Handcent have been able to establish a close collaboration, and thanks to regular communication were achieving continuous improvement in fill rate.

“Tappx helps to continuously optimize our Fill Rate and has become one of our top partners”.

Owner – Handcent

Jun Lin

About Handcent

Handcent is an app to have more fun texting. It offers the ultimate message customizations for SMS text messenger.

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