MobilityWare boosts fill rates with Tappx premium brand demand

MobilityWare has a wide portfolio of solitaire game apps, for both Android and iOS. Surpassing 100M downloads they are one of the most popular card game creators in the official app stores.


MobilityWare team was looking for a solution that would help them to strengthen their fill rate KPI with brand demand compatible with an oRTB integration and be able to offer competitive CPMs.


Tappx connected its premium brand demand with MobilityWare’s interstitial and video formats, using an oRTB connection. Close collaboration with Tappx’s dedicated Account Manager provided continuous optimization of all performance metrics.


By numbers


Daily renevue


Tappx very quickly became one of MobilityWare’s top demand partners. It was able to provide a consistent flow of significant revenues without interfering with the gameplay and keeping the users within the apps.

“Tappx has been amongst our top 10 partners on average, fluctuating towards higher ranks towards end of month”.

Monetization & Sales Strategy – MobilityWare

Sunaina Chaudhary

About MobilityWare

MobilityWare is the original game app developer for the famous game called Solitaire. They’ve been here since the beginning and say they’re wielding to develop even more innovative and crazy-addictive games.

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