SmartNews increases its monetization revenue with Tappx

SmartNews features a unique combination of algorithmic processing and human content moderation to analyze millions of articles every day across 14,000 trusted publishers, providing the top trending news stories and events influencing the world. The free app has been downloaded over 50 million times globally while capturing 2+ million five star ratings in the Android and Apple app stores.


SmartNews was looking to boost its monetization revenue and improve its fill rates. With extensive premium demand sources and an expert account management team, Tappx seemed like the perfect fit.


After a smooth integration, SmartNews and Tappx collaborated closely to grow SmartNews monetization revenue and help make sure that their inventory is compliant with all required industry standards.

The collaboration ensured that SmartNews inventory can be connected to all of Tappx’s premium campaigns through the trusted DSPs Tappx works with.

By numbers


Avg. Fill Rate


Avg. Daily Revenues


Avg. CPM


The results ramped up very quickly – the daily revenues increased 7x, and the fill rate jumped 3x. Due to increased number of direct advertisers buying SmartNews inventory, their average CPM almost doubled.

Tappx and SmartNews continue working closely together to improve their ad inventory to meet the needs of advertisers and demand partners.

“Tappx has been an amazing partner for us. They consistently ensure high-quality demand from premium brands. They are now one of our top monetization sources due to our close collaboration”.

Head of Programmatic – SmartNews

Adam Sadur

About SmartNews

Founded in 2012, SmartNews is a leading global information and news discovery company, dedicated to delivering quality information to the people who need it.

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