Social Games acquires maximum amounts of Active Registered Users with Tappx

Social Games Online is a company specialized in the creation of games within the social casino category. Their most popular games in Spain are Mundo Slots and with more than 500 million installs and an average rating of 4,1 in the Google Play Store with 23,3K reviews.


Social Games Online was looking to expand its market presence and acquire new players month over month with high expectations as their benchmarks are based on Active Registered Users and ROAS ratio.


Tappx helped open new advertising channels, expand new traffic sources, and configure those by testing various placements and optimizing them to reach the benchmarks that Social Games requires.
With monthly evaluations between both teams, Tappx reported on targets achieved and the following steps to scale and continue the winning recipe of optimization. By working with the Tappx agency approach, Social Games is guaranteed to have its User Acquisition funnel fully managed by an Account Manager dedicated on a daily basis to achieving the given benchmarks by creative optimization and giving up-to-date insights on the latest trends.

By numbers


Ratio of Active Registered Users


Thanks to the collaboration with Tappx, Social Games Online has increased the volume of their user acquisition and subsequently, the ratio of Active Registered Users to an average of 80% improving their quality at the same time. The communication and collaboration with Tappx were fluent and transparent, whenever a channel wasn’t delivering the satisfactory ratio of ROAS, it was being optimized on a daily basis.

About Social Games Online

In Social Games Online they are specialized in creating experiences, fun and entertainment in the Online Casino world through mobile devices and website.

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