How to integrate Tappx with AppsFlyer [step by step]

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Created Nov 03, 2022 - Updated Aug 03, 2023 | 1 min read
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In this tutorial, we explain how to integrate Tappx with AppsFlyer step by step and with screenshots to make it easy for you to start working with us.

If you have doubts about other platforms, you can also take a look at this other tutorial to learn about the integration of Tappx with Adjust.

Integrate Tappx with AppsFlyer in 4 steps


The first thing you have to do is go to the “Integrated Partners” section inside your Appsflyer’s account Configuration. It looks like this image below:


Then, you have to look for “Tappx Agency” and select the result.


How to integrate Tappx in Adjust [step by step]


Inside the “Permissions” settings, make sure you select and enable the following fields:

  • Agency Permissions
  • Change the Advanced Privacy Setting: It is mandatory for IOS and very important for us to receive the attributed installs of Tappx in this OS.
  • Access retention and cohorts reports: It would allow us to optimize towards retention rate and check how the results look cohort.
  • Access aggregate organic data: This is not mandatory but it helps us understand when and which GEOS the campaigns convert best.
  • Access raw data reports: This is mandatory and allows us to generate reports to better understand the performance of our sources. It’s only data generated by Tappx.
  • Access Protect360 dashboard & raw data: This is also Mandatory and gives us the possibility to optimize and decrease the fraud rate.

Step 4

The next crucial thing you have to do to integrate with Appsflyer is to go to “Configure in-app events postbacks” section. Thanks to the events view, we will be able to analyze and optimize the campaign’s KPIs.

Here you have to follow these steps:

  • Enable as many SDK Events as possible: Having low funnel events like purchase, deposit, buy and upper funnel events such as app open, launch, register, and login, will help us optimize towards all the user flow to guarantee better results.
  • Send events revenue: If your KPI is connected to ROAS, receiving their revenue will allow us to optimize your ROAS goal.
  • Sending option: Here you have to select “All media sources, including organic”. This option is very important for our programmatic channels as it will help us identify current users to not target them. Blacklist them from the campaigns is useful in order to avoid costs waste and improve the users’ experience.

And that’s it! Integrating Tappx with Appsflyer is as easy as we’ve just seen. Anyway, don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any doubt.

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