How to integrate Tappx in Adjust [step by step]

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Created Mar 15, 2023 - Updated Aug 03, 2023 | 1 min read
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Adjust is one of the most important MMPs in the mobile industry.  It is famous to be the best attribution provider and measurement platform when it comes to data process and storage, and for its cohort’s statistics capabilities. 

If you have your apps integrated with Adjust and want to work with Tappx as a mobile user acquisition partner, fear no more, we’ll guide you through the setup and integration process with the best in-app media buying agency in the world.

If you are also interested in knowing how to integrate Tappx with AppsFlyer, take a look at this other tutorial.

5 steps to integrate Tappx in Adjust

Step 1

On your app menu, click into “Tracker URLs”.

Step 2

Create a tracker with our name and under the network of Tappx Agency, that’s how we are called in Adjust.


How to integrate Tappx with AppsFlyer [step by step]

Step 3

Now that your app trackers are created for Tappx, you can copy and send them to your Tappx dedicated Account Manager. But before that,  let’s move to the next step on the button EDIT.

Step 4 

In the edit tracker section, you will find these options below. Please, proceed to edit the Attribution Settings.

Step 5

As most of the advertisers and stakeholders in the app industry work, we’ll follow the standard of attributions for clicks and impressions. 7 Days attribution for clicks, and 24 hours for impressions. With 6 hours window period for probabilistic attribution for both based models.

And finally, the setup is done! Tappx is already integrated in Adjust. Please, remember to save it all well and send your trackers to start your user acquisition journey and path to success together with Tappx

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