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Created Nov 02, 2022 - Updated Aug 03, 2023 | 2 min read
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Your app’s description is one of the biggest deciding factors for users to download your app or not apart from other strategies like a well-design logo. Your copywriting technique and keyword strategy will get users’ attention and increase your app downloads.

A concise description with the appropriate keyword density rate that is also creative can be tricky. To strike this balance, here are techniques for writing a great description that will increase your app’s downloads.

Why keywords in your app description will increase downloads

You can have a great app, an amazing logo design, and outstanding screenshots followed by a video produced by the best, but if there is a lot of competition around your “app type” or frequently-used keywords, you might not get much visibility. To increase your app’s visibility, try finding keywords niches (synonyms, for example) aside from the popular ones in your category. It is better to be in the top results of a less searched term than low in the results of a top-searched term.

These keyword best practices when executing your strategy will help you increase app downloads:

  1. Place the strongest keywords in the app name, as it holds the most weight in the search algorithm.
  2. Include keywords in your app developer name.
  3. Separate keywords with commas, not spaces, to maximize character count.
  4. Repeat keywords up to 5 times in the app description, there’s no additional impact when repeated more than 5X.

Note that in Google Play, the description functions like a SEO tool. In iOS however, the description has no impact on ASO as keywords are filled into a separate chart.


Increasing my app installs with a knowledgeable Account Manager

[TOOLS!] These sites provide assistance in selecting keywords to optimize your app description:

  • SEO Book helps to calculate optimal keyword density
  • Metrics Cat analyzes performance, monitors competitors, and suggests keywords
  • WordStream generates keyword suggestions for up to 30 searches
  • Sensor Tower will suggest keywords and perform analytics on them for your app

Why translating your description will increase visibility

Nearly 75% of consumers want to buy products in their native language. Since app stores serve consumers in more than 150 countries, appeal to more users to give your app extra exposure by localizing the description into multiple languages.

 [TOOLS!] These resources will bring you one step closer to reaching a global market:

  • Android and Apple provide step-by-step instructions for localizing your app
  • Localize Direct provides popular languages to localize into across assorted genres
  • Use Google Translate to quickly translate your app, or find a native translator on Fiverr for just $5

Why a call to action in the default fold benefits you

The default fold is the first couple of lines of your app’s description (generally the first 167 characters) that users can see without having to click to expand. Capitalize on these 167 characters to catch users’ attention, communicate value, and incentivize a user to download your app. Most users will decide whether to download or not just by reading this, so take good care of it to boost your app promotion.

Begin your default fold with the most exciting content. Has your app been featured somewhere, received excellent ratings and reviews, or gathered thousands of downloads? Increase your app downloads and credibility by letting users know! Take a look at this example:

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Five amazing stars for its UX and level design! A really addictive game for every moment of the day  – By Tappx developers community.

 PS: Could be a review from anyone 😉

Linking to social networks in the app description increase installs

Finally, your app’s description can include back-links promoting your website, social platforms, and other apps. This is always valuable, for showing a community of users around the app will improve your app ranking and at the same time can increase traffic to your other sites.

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