Increasing my app installs with a knowledgeable Account Manager

Written by Raquel Ríos Dafonte - Marketing Specialist at Techsoulogy
Created Apr 25, 2023 - Updated Aug 01, 2023 | 4 min read
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Increase app downloads with a great description

An effective strategy to boost your app installs consists of a range of tactics. From working on the ASO to position it among the top search results in app stores; to designing creative aspects and demo videos; and implementing advertising campaigns that make your app stand out from the competition.

Unless you are an expert in all of them and your days last longer than 24 hours, it is difficult for you to cover everything, particularly if you want to do it on time. For that reason, if you want to push the installs of your mobile app, our advice is to connect with a specialist partner who can offer you an Account Manager to do it for you.

5 reasons to entrust your app install strategy to an Account Manager

An Account Manager is a specialist, in this case in user acquisition, who personally takes care of your account. Their role includes constantly optimizing your results and finding new business opportunities.

They usually form part of a larger team and a company with departments specialized in other areas of the digital advertising industry, which can be key when it comes to creating synergies and exchanges of information that are of benefit to you.

In addition to all of this, the 5 main reasons you should bear in mind to decide to entrust your app installs strategy to a specialist Account Manager are:

  1. Have the necessary experience: the Account Manager is a specialist that has trained for the job and has a wealth of knowledge of different user acquisition tactics, including the formats and channels that work best. These formats include in-app display and rewarded videos and channels that can filter an inventory vertically and by audience. On the other hand, they can also advise you on how to design creative images and videos that can capture the potential user’s attention in the millisecond it takes to decide between one app or another; and how to differentiate yourself from your competitors and move forwards in conquering your target audience using good segmentation. This experience of the Account Manager reduces errors in your strategy and increases the efficiency of your results, generating a profit.
  2. Constantly perform optimizations: constantly monitoring the data allows you to detect both positive and negative trends in order to boost those that work best and correct those that don’t. For example, iterating advertisements regularly to prevent users from becoming tired of always seeing the same creativities. Moreover, by working with other clients and specialists, although they are from different verticals and niches than yours, you can learn lessons of enormous value for your app. All of this is always just an email or phone call away each time you have a query or a requirement.
  3. Have a comprehensive overview of the market and the latest trends: working with more than 60 advertisers, as is the case with the Account Managers at Tappx, provides a more global overview of the business. It also enables us to have an in-depth knowledge of all of the functionalities of the industry’s main MMPs, such as AppsFlyer and Adjust, among others. This breadth of knowledge enables the Account Manager to stay up to date with the changes and new functionalities as they emerge. Thus, your app can retain the results it has already achieved and improve them, being the first to try out new opportunities that enable you to gain time and distance in relation to your competitors.
  4. Work with the most advanced tools: in terms of campaign management, data monitoring, and reporting which enable them to configure optimization rules to achieve the established objectives or KPIs. For example, this may include optimizing channels of traffic in order to achieve minimum retention, registrations, purchases, or even ROAS. These tools are usually costly and, therefore, more accessible to a specialist partner than a specific app developer like yourself.
  5. It saves you time and delivers you the best results: designing creativities, monitoring data, and optimizing strategies require a great deal of time and know-how. By delegating these roles to an expert Account Manager, you are able to save that time and spend it doing something you are better at: perfecting your app or even developing new ones. The Account Manager will personally take care of ensuring the users are downloading them.


Beyond installs: How to generate revenue with in-app purchases

In essence, the work of an Account Manager involves having a systematic focus on managing and growing their clients’ accounts, in order to maximize value and achieve beneficial objectives for both parties. It involves implementing a process and a relationship with the client which is capable of generating long-term revenue. In this case, the client is the app developer and the long-term revenue is what you gain when you manage to convince the user to press the “install” button for your app, rather than installing the other millions available in the App Store and Google Play, and you implement monetization strategies with advertising or in-app purchases. In fact, the work of the Account Manager doesn’t end with the install, it goes far beyond that to help you to achieve higher quality results according to your objectives. These might include registrations, in-app purchases, user retention, or even ROAS.

A specialized and experienced Account Manager knows how to implement strategies to boost engagement and make your app stand out from the rest.

If they also become a true extension of your team, with trust, transparency, and constant communication, the results can be so striking that this professional profile becomes essential for your success.

If you want to boost your app installs with quality users and start to generate business with an expert Account Manager, we can help you here at Tappx. We have a team of 12 user acquisition specialists who work with our own SSP traffic and undertake the risk involved in purchasing this traffic from CPM when the client contracts a CPI service. In other words, you only pay for the real downloads that we achieve. Moreover, we have an internal creativity and design service specializing in creating the adverts you need in order to stand out from your competition. We also accompany you throughout the user life cycle to ensure you reach your KPIs, beyond the install of your app.

You can contact the user acquisition team using this form. We will look at your specific case to offer you a bespoke solution.


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