Steps to becoming a Performance Account Manager in AdTech

The professional profile of an Account Manager is one of the most common in the AdTech industry. Furthermore, depending on the type of client and their requirements, there are different specializations.

Specifically, the Performance Account Manager is in charge of managing the growth strategy of mobile application developers who are looking to obtain better results in the form of more downloads by active and/or inactive users who make purchases within their apps.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the duties and the skills required to master their day-to-day work.

Education and technical skills to work with performance objectives

Ideally, to work as a Performance Account Manager within the AdTech industry, you should have studied marketing, preferably digital marketing, and have a significant background in customer success, account management, and data analysis.  If, in addition, you also have knowledge of user acquisition and media buying and planning, your profile will be extremely attractive as far as the industry’s companies are concerned.

To work as a Performance Account Manager you need to have knowledge of user acquisition and media buying.

However, don’t be put off if you haven’t yet reached that level of development and specialization. With experience in the aspect of customer management and a clear focus on understanding their needs and boosting their results, you will be able to acquire the technical skills needed for the post over time.

The basic hard skills of a performance account manager are:

If you have previous experience working as an app developer, advertiser, or partner related to the AdTech industry, your profile will earn a lot of points for Performance Account Manager positions. 

Valuable soft skills of a Performance Account Manager

Concerning soft skills, which are as important or more important than hard skills, to be a good marketing Performance Account Manager, you need:

As you can see, the day-to-day work of a growth performance manager is exciting. It is like a trip where you take the seat as your client’s copilot and you have the map to guide them on the route you have designed toward the destination of achieving the best results possible for their app.

If you are interested in mobile app marketing and have management and customer service skills, here at Tappx we would like to find out more about you. Write to us at or take a look at all of the open vacancies we have available at the moment.


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