This is the role of the Supply Account Manager in AdTech

As we mentioned in the article on tips for being a good Account Manager in AdTech, this professional profile is in charge of the day-to-day management of a client’s accounts. All of this involves a certain level of optimizations, upselling, incident management, and reporting of results.

Furthermore, depending on who the client is, within the AdTech industry, an Account Manager may have different specializations. Specifically, the Supply Account Manager specializes in managing and growing the revenue of a portfolio of publishers interested in monetizing their digital advertising inventory. This doesn’t just involve the basic technical training required in the programmatic advertising industry, but a significant part of your work will also consist of developing a series of soft skills related to customer service.  These skills are needed to build a solid and long-lasting relationship with publishers who are already part of the clients portfolio and the new ones that the Business Developers acquire over time. 

Training and hard skills that all Supply Account Managers need

Ideally, to work as a Supply Account Manager of an AdTech company, you will have studied Advertising or Marketing with a specialization in programmatic advertising or monetization training. On top of this, any additional knowledge of digital marketing or data will be an advantage and an added value for this position. The position is focused on the commercial and consultative aspects to achieve a stronger economic performance of the advertising spaces belonging to publishers of any digital medium, whether this is apps, web, or CTV.

To work as a senior Supply Account Manager, you need to know about essential metrics such as CPM, Fill Rate or Win Rate.

For a junior Supply Account Manager role, previous experience is not required. However, to access senior positions, managing publishers of a certain volume, you must have at least 2 years of experience in the programmatic advertising industry working directly with publishers. This experience will result in you mastering the industry’s essential metrics, such as CPM, Fill Rate, or Win Rate, as well as knowing the main SDK and oRTB integrations like Prebid and Amazon TAM.

The duties and responsibilities of this role include the main duty of optimizing the publisher’s results and enhancing the commercial relationship of your company with the client to guarantee performance in the long term. This happens by:

Once the above has been implemented, the next step to grow the commercial relationship with the publisher is through cross-selling and upselling. Your role in this sense consists of:

The basic soft skills to work with Supply objectives

In addition to mastering consultative sales techniques and having developed analytical thinking, a good Account Manager must have the essential soft skills to solidify their relationship with publishers. The most important ones are:

If you think you have the skills required to be a good Supply Account Manager, here at Tappx we would like to meet you. Send us your CV to or check out the current vacancies we have available to join our team.


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